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This Useful Mac App Can Bring iCloud Tabs To The OS X Menu Bar

This Useful Mac App Can Bring iCloud Tabs To The OS X Menu Bar

March 5, 2014

If you've been searching for a more convenient means of accessing iCloud Tabs from your Mac, take a look at CloudyTabs. It's a new Mac app that can add a list of open iCloud Tabs right to the OS X menu bar.

You can pick up the application, which came to our attention from MacStories, over at GitHub; it's available free of charge and requires OS X 10.8.2 or later. Installing and using the app is a simple process, and we've found that CloudyTabs works incredibly well. All you need to do is download the app and launch it, and CloudyTabs will add a cloud icon to the OS X menu bar that taps right into the iCloud account associated with your Mac. You can then check on a drop-down list of iCloud Tabs which are open on your other iOS and OS X devices.

Tabs are usefully separated by device, and icons appear alongside Web page titles. CloudyTabs also allows users to open all tabs from a particular device, and as you'd expect you can have the application auto-launch at log-in. Best of all, though, CloudyTabs opens Web pages in whatever OS X app is set as your default Web browser, meaning you can access iCloud Tabs in Chrome, Opera, and Firefox without having to go through Safari.

Plus, if you CMD-click on an iCloud Tab listed in the app, it'll open in the background.

As usual, newly-opened iCloud Tabs take a certain amount of time to reflect across devices, and as such using CloudyTabs as a more convenient means of sending new Web pages from iOS to OS X isn't advised. (For this, a utility like Command-C would make more sense.) Those looking for a nicer means of accessing iCloud Tabs on their Mac, however, should definitely take CloudyTabs for a spin.

Because the application dives into the .plist file associated with iCloud Tabs in order to grab user info, it's having to steer clear of the Mac App Store. However, as mentioned you can pick it up from GitHub free of charge.

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