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Apple's iPhone Trade-In Program Launches In Germany

Apple's iPhone Trade-In Program Launches In Germany

April 7, 2014

Apple’s iPhone trade-in program has now launched in Germany, allowing iOS device users in the country to trade-in their old smartphone in order to secure a discount off a new handset.

The iPhone trade-in program launched in the United States back in August last year, and it appeared in Britain soon after. Last month, we also explained that the same initiative had launched in Canadian Apple Retail Stores. As my colleague Bryan said at the time:

The program allows an iPhone user to trade-in their old handset for a gift card that can be applied toward the purchase of the new iPhone. The amount of money on the card varies by model and the quality/age of the older iPhone.

Now, 9to5mac notes that Germany is the latest country to benefit from Apple’s iPhone trade-in program. There, customers can receive up to €230 (around $315) off the price of a new iPhone when a qualifying device is traded in.

As we’ve explained before, however, “while convenient, Apple’s iPhone trade-in program doesn’t offer customers the best deals going for used smartphones.”

Instead, the yearly AppAdvice iPhone Trade-In Guides examine iPhone trade-in prices from Apple, Gazelle, Glyde, and NextWorth (among others), providing customers with a summary of the best deals going. These are published each year in September – ahead of the launch of Apple’s next-generation iPhone handset.

In related news, Apple is continuing with its retail expansion in Germany and is in the process of finalizing construction of a new Hanover retail store. The news surfaced online as Angela Ahrendts, former Burberry CEO and incoming senior vice president of Retail at Apple, is set to embark on her move to Cupertino.

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