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Now Anyone With An Apple ID Can Create An iAd

Now Anyone With An Apple ID Can Create An iAd

April 1, 2014
You no longer need to be a registered mobile app developer to open an account with iAd Workbench, Apple’s mobile ad management tool. All you need now is an Apple ID. This change coincides with the launch of new iAd capabilities, including the ability to create short video ads for iOS devices, according to AdAge. According to the report:
At the onset of its mobile-ad business, Apple extended olive branches to a select group of brands, promising premier reach. But advertisers pushed back against its pricey offerings. Now, it appears Apple has concluded money in mobile ads comes from a wide net; in short, it'll look more like Google.
By taking this approach, Apple hopes to draw new types of advertisers, such as independent filmmakers or small car dealerships. In March, AdAge reported that Apple would be rolling out ads in apps that automatically play on the full screen of an iPhone or iPad. As Brent Dirks said at the time, the new push could help spark the sagging iAds platform. Originally launched in 2010, iAds advertisers were once required to buy in for more than $1 million. But that number quickly took a nose dive to less than $100,000 per campaign, even after Apple had added other features to the product. This is a great move and should generate some excitement for iAds, which I once called Apple’s “first egg of the millennium.”

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