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The Fantastic HiRise Stand For The iPhone And iPad mini Is Now Available In Black

The Fantastic HiRise Stand For The iPhone And iPad mini Is Now Available In Black

April 30, 2014
One of my favorite accessories introduced in 2013, the HiRise Stand, has a new look. Along with the beautiful and original silver color, Twelve South has just introduced a black version of the product. While the silver stand matches white iPhone 5/5s perfectly, Twelve South had a great reason for making the new stand black instead of space gray:
The Space Grey front glass display is black - not Space Grey. When looking at the combo from the front the new Tactical Black HiRise and your iPhone look perfect together. Have an iPhone 5c? The bright colors of iPhone 5c all share one color: Black. Plus, Black coordinates better with most of furniture and appliances.
I originally reviewed the stand back in September, and came away very impressed. Along with being able to hold any current Lightning-enabled Apple device, except for a full-sized iPad, you don’t even need to take your iPhone out of its case. Three different clip choices allow users to have a naked handset, a medium case, or even a rugged option like the OtterBox Defender. I tried a huge number of cases, and every one worked with the stand. I highly recommend it. You can snag the black or silver version of the HiRise directly from Twelve South for $34.99. For other recent accessory news, see: The Atomyzer Could Be The Best Smelling Apple iPhone Case To Date, Logitech's New UE Boom Crystal Edition Speaker Is Available Only Through Apple, and The Lunecase For iPhone Is Powered By Electromagnetic Energy.

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