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This Jailbreak Tweak 'Un-Mirrors' The iPhone's Front-Facing Camera

This Jailbreak Tweak 'Un-Mirrors' The iPhone's Front-Facing Camera

April 5, 2014

Front Cam Un-Mirror is a new jailbreak tweak that does exactly what it says on the box, adding an option for users to “un-mirror” an iPhone handset’s front-facing camera. It’s available on the Cydia Store free of charge, and though in beta, the package is optimized for iOS 7 and ARM64-devices.

The front-facing camera is programmed in Apple’s iOS to relay a mirror image back to the user, however if you’re looking to disable this aspect of the Camera application, Front Cam Un-Mirror can help.

The new jailbreak tweak came to our attention from iDownloadBlog, and while the package isn’t available in the Cydia Store’s public repositories, it can be downloaded free of charge from a private repo (more on this below). Once installed, users will find that a new icon is added to the top-left corner of the Camera app’s interface when the front-facing camera has been activated.

This icon, marked as “Mirrored” or “Un-Mirrored,” allows users to quickly switch between the two modes. It’s as simple as that: no additional options need to be configured, and as such no preferences pane is added by Front Cam Un-Mirror to the built-in Settings app.

As mentioned, the package is presently in beta, and this shows a little: at times, it can be difficult to activate and deactivate the package, and users may find that they need to touch the aforementioned icon a few times before it responds.

Plus, because of its beta tag, Front Cam Un-Mirror isn’t available on the Cydia Store’s public repositories. Instead, you’ll need to add the following address to your list of “sources” in the Cydia app:

Front Cam Un-Mirror can be downloaded free of charge on the Cydia Store from the aforementioned private repository.

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