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Apple Updates Its OS X Server, Further Improves iOS Deployment Services

Apple Updates Its OS X Server, Further Improves iOS Deployment Services

May 21, 2014

Apple has sent out an update for its $19.99 OS X Server application for Mavericks-powered Mac computers, making a number of minor enhancements which make it easier for users to deploy iOS devices in schools and businesses.

As AppleInsider explains, Calendar Server should now be more reliable for users, with Apple improving “the importing of events, event invitations, and group scheduling.” However, as the publication notes, Profile Manager has received the biggest change:

Profile Manager was given the most attention, with Apple fixing an issue affecting the deployment of profiles containing variables in environments where code signing is enabled. The application is also said to be more reliable when sending invitations to enroll devices in Apple's Volume Purchase Program.

Finally, Messages Server's Chat Rooms feature should now prove more reliable, too.

OS X Server can be downloaded on the Mac App Store for just $19.99, and while offering a range of features, it particularly provides individuals, small businesses, and educational institutions with a means of controlling a large number of iOS devices from a single interface.

For schools using iPads instead of textbooks, or for businesses replacing BlackBerrys with iPhones, it's a useful, functional, and comparably inexpensive application that Apple is continuing to further develop and improve.

The updated OS X Server is available for Mavericks-powered Macs now. As mentioned, it retails for $19.99 on the Mac App Store.

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