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Auki, The Messages-Enhancing Jailbreak Tweak, Gets A Bunch Of New Features

Auki, The Messages-Enhancing Jailbreak Tweak, Gets A Bunch Of New Features

May 5, 2014

Auki, the jailbreak tweak that supercharges the iOS Messages app, has received a handy update adding a selection of useful new features.

Now, users of the $3.99 “quick reply” package can enjoy activating a dark mode in the jailbreak tweak. This obviously makes sending iMessages and SMS messages in low-light conditions much easier and more comfortable; you can schedule when light and dark modes are automatically enabled and disabled from inside Auki’s preferences, too.

It’s also possible to quickly mark a message as “read” in Auki 1.2, and this can be done by holding down on the “Cancel” button in the package. At the same time, users can choose to send a message as an SMS (rather than an iMessage) by simply holding on the reply button in Auki. Clever, right?

Finally, the jailbreak tweak also supports iOS 7’s parallax feature, and a number of further bug fixes and performance improvements have been made as of Auki’s latest update. If you’re not familiar with the jailbreak tweak, we explained last month how the package works:

First up, Auki makes it easier for users to access the Messages application. This comes in the form of two features: “quick compose” and “quick reply.” Quick compose, as you’d expect, allows users to initiate a pop-up Messages app window that can be used to send off an iMessage, SMS, or MMS from anywhere in Apple’s iOS. You can search for contacts, input text, and even add media to the outgoing message all from Auki’s interface; once you’re done, the pop-up window then disappears from view.

The same goes for quick reply, with this feature allowing users to quickly send off a reply to a message using a similar interface. A “Reply” icon will appear alongside banner notifications once Auki has been installed, and this obviously allows users to access the aforementioned window when a new message comes in.

Auki also adds a “quick compose” widget to Notification Center, and it features a useful “silence” tool, too.

As mentioned, jailbreakers can pick up Auki for $3.99 on the Cydia Store, and it’s optimized for iOS 7 and ARM64-devices. It’s a smart jailbreak tweak that’s now better than ever thanks to its most recent update.

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