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Booq's Boa Flow Graphite Is Its Best iOS-Compatible Backpack Yet

Booq's Boa Flow Graphite Is Its Best iOS-Compatible Backpack Yet

May 16, 2014

Booq has a new backpack available which offers sturdy protection for MacBooks, iOS devices, and even D-SLR cameras. Called “Boa Flow Graphite,” the backpack carries a hefty price tag (of $225) but appears to offer complete, all-round protection which justifies the cost.

The Boa Flow Graphite features the usual array of compartments and storage spaces, and fortunately this includes dedicated room for an iPhone and iPad. There’s a main compartment with space for headphones, Lightning cables, power packs, and an iPad, while a separate space at the top of the backpack allows users to safely store an iPhone handset.

There’s also room for a MacBook computer (up to 17-inches), and this fits in a dedicated section of its own.

However, what sets the Boa Flow Graphite apart from similar backpacks is its collapsable architecture. The backpack features a dedicated space at the bottom for either a D-SLR camera, a set of headphones, or any other similar-sized product. Usefully, though, this can be collapsed in order to offer users a more streamlined, lightweight backpack when the compartment isn’t needed.

Over at its website, Booq explains:

Integral to the bag’s flexible design is its collapsible bottom compartment and rigid removable frame which serve as a protected, separate place for your camera or large headphones. When those items are not needed, collapsing the compartment and removing the protective frame maximizes the main volume for books, documents, or other large items.

There’s also a smart shoulder strap system that promises impressive levels of comfort, and a padded, quilted lining means your MacBook, iOS devices, and whatever else you choose to carry in the Boa Flow Graphite are going to be safe and secure.

As mentioned, Booq’s latest backpack doesn’t come cheap: the Boa Flow Graphite retails online for $225, and this includes free FedEx Home Delivery. However, the Boa Flow Graphite indeed appears to offer users complete protection for their MacBook and iOS devices.

For more information, including the option of purchasing the backpack, head over to Booq’s website.

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