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Cydia Tweak: Almpoum Offers A Smarter Way To Manage iOS Screenshots

Cydia Tweak: Almpoum Offers A Smarter Way To Manage iOS Screenshots

May 12, 2014

One recent addition to the Cydia Store – called Almpoum – provides iPhone owners with a better way of dealing with screenshots taken on their smartphone. You can download the package free of charge now, and it’s optimized for iOS 7 and ARM64-devices.

Once downloaded and installed, the package adds a new preferences pane to the Settings app, and here users can configure a pop-up interface which appears after a screenshot has been taken on iOS. This interface allows users to quickly configure whether their screenshot is saved to the Photos app, copied to their clipboard, or both; users also have the option of cancelling the process, too, and discarding their screenshot.

Options can be configured using toggle buttons which appear in the jailbreak tweak’s preferences pane. It’s also possible for jailbreakers to set a custom album for iOS screenshots, and to choose whether their handset flashes when a screenshot is taken or whether it makes the usual “capture” noise.

In many respects, Almpoum is similar to ClipShot, another free screenshot management package which we looked at back in January. Both let users choose where screenshots are saved or stored, and each one allows jailbreakers to customize elements such as the screenshot flash or capture sound.

ClipShot is useful since it allows iPhone owners to also toggle whether screenshots are synced via Photo Stream; if you’re capturing a lot of screenshots on your handset but aren’t concerned about having them sync to your other iOS devices, this is definitely a feature worth taking advantage of.

Both Almpoum and ClipShot can be downloaded free of charge on the Cydia Store.

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