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Swatch Doesn’t Want Apple’s Wearable Device To Be Called The ‘iWatch’

Swatch Doesn’t Want Apple’s Wearable Device To Be Called The ‘iWatch’

May 5, 2014
Apple is still expected to unveil a wearable device later this year. When it arrives, however, Swatch Group AG would rather it not be called the “iWatch," according to Bloomberg. In a new interview, Swatch’s Nick Hayek says they are “pointing out” the use of “iWatch” to authorities in all the countries where it has been registered as a trademark. The CEO would not confirm which countries had been contacted, and adds they have no plans to take legal action against Apple. Says Hayek:
This is the normal procedure to protect your own brand name. We react like this for all other brand names that we have protected.
Apple, of course, has yet to confirm that they are working on a wearable device. Since last year, however, the Cupertino, California company has been acquiring the iWatch trademark in numerous countries, no doubt in preparation for the release of its long-rumored product. They have also expanded the use of their own Apple trademark in recent months to reflect their likely move into jewelry. Swatch is the largest watchmaker in the world. The Swiss company's brands include Omega, Tissot, and many others. Bloomberg notes that Swatch’s plans were first reported on May 3 by the Swiss news site. See also: So That’s Why Apple Moved The iPhone Audio Jack To The BottomDon’t Expect To See The iWatch Or Revamped Apple TV Unveiled At WWDC 2014, and Report: Apple’s Long-Rumored iWatch Has Entered Production In Small Quantities.

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