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Don’t Expect To See The iWatch Or Revamped Apple TV Unveiled At WWDC 2014

Everyone waiting for the iWatch or revamped Apple TV will once again need to be patient. According to Re/Code, Tim Cook will not unveil either device at WWDC 2014. There are also no plans to preview the new Apple TV software at the keynote, scheduled for Monday, June 2. So the focus will shine brightly on software, meaning iOS 8 and OS X 10.10. While iOS 7, unveiled last year at the event, was the biggest revamp of the mobile software in history, iOS 8 isn’t expected to be such a monumental change. Along with the Healthbook app, the new version is expected to feature a standalone iTunes Radio app and revised Maps app. The biggest change this year seems to be on the desktop side with OS X 10.10. Recent news says the Mac software will take on a decidedly iOS 7 look-and-feel with a substantial amount of white space and more defined icons across the entire system. As usual, we’ll be covering all the news from the keynote here live on AppAdvice. And those waiting for new hardware, it’s shaping up to be a monumental fall with the iPhone 6, iWatch, and more reportedly hitting the market sometime before the holiday shopping season. For other news today, see: Apple Launches New 'Best Of April' Section On The App Store, So That's Why Apple Moved The iPhone Audio Jack To The Bottom, Do You Have What It Takes To Be Apple's New York-Based Buzz Marketing Manager?
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