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The Latest Beamly TV App Update Is All About Improving Search

The Latest Beamly TV App Update Is All About Improving Search

May 27, 2014
Beamly, the social network for TV app, has received a new update. Version 4.1 is packed full of improved search features for those who love television entertainment. Originally launched in 2012 as Zeebox, Beamly helps you follow the shows and stars you love, and get personalized stories and social feeds that are updated 24/7. It also includes an impressive list of TV rooms where users can discuss shows with other fans and experts. The latest version of Beamly includes the following:
  • Search is now better than ever - find TV shows, movies, celebs, other fans and TV Rooms
  • Mention a TV show, star or Beamly user when you post - we'll spot it automagically and make it clickable
  • You can now add links, pics and videos to your comments on news stories or TV Room posts
  • For iPad: new, super-handsome TV show, celeb and user profile pages
Zeebox grew into Beamly TV in April. In announcing the change, Ernesto Schmitt, CEO and co-founder noted:
The initial phase of social television and 2nd screen was limited to apps providing a companion experience for audiences while watching TV. However, people’s emotional engagement with TV spans the whole day: they want to read up on stories about the shows and stars they love in the morning, discuss plotlines over the watercooler in the afternoon, and carefully plan what to watch in the evening – long before ever switching on the TV itself. While they watch, they want a great interactive experience that synchs with what’s on screen. And after the show is over, they want to chat and share socially with other fans.
The universal Beamly app is available for free on the App Store. See also: TeeVee 3 Premieres With Universal Support For iPad, Syncing And MoreApple's Plans For The Next Apple TV Have Now Been Leaked, and Audiobooks App Goes 6.0 With iOS 7 Redesign, Podcast Support And More.  

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