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The Powerful, App-Enabled Dropcam Camera Is About To Get A Lot Smarter

The Powerful, App-Enabled Dropcam Camera Is About To Get A Lot Smarter

May 6, 2014
Big changes are coming to the powerful, app-enabled Dropcam. The company recently announced that is adding an interesting accessory and a facial recognition feature sometime this summer. First up, the software-based People Detection functionality will make it easier to see who is really in your house. The feature will determine and notify you if an actual person comes into the camera’s view instead of motion activity caused by pets. In a blog post, the company also said the technology could be used to identify animals, certain types of objects, and even specific people. Dropcam also announced its new Tabs wireless movement sensor designed specifically for the Dropcam Pro, which was unveiled late last year. Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology embedded in the camera, the pictured Tabs can be placed on doors, windows, and other valuables. The technology can even be used outside. With the companion iOS app, users can be alerted when a door opens or whether a backyard fence is closed, for example. Here’s a quick video that introduces Tabs. Click here if you can’t see it. Available in black or white, the Tabs can be preordered now directly from Dropcam’s site for $29 each. I reviewed the Dropcam Pro shortly after its release, and really enjoyed the technology. The two new features should make the Wi-Fi camera even a better choice for consumers. For other news today, see: Samsung To Appeal Apple Smartphone Trial Verdict, Not All Tech Acquisitions Are Created Equal As A New Infographic Shows, and Will A New Apple Invention Finally End Pocket Dialing With iOS Devices?

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