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The Snakable Means Saying Goodbye To Broken Apple Lightning USB Cables

The Snakable Means Saying Goodbye To Broken Apple Lightning USB Cables

May 12, 2014
The weakest point on any USB cable is right below the connector on either side. The solution to this problem could be the Snakable, a Lightning and micro USB cable. Created by Wes Goulbourne, the Snakable comes with a built-in strain relief system that protects the cable from over-bending and possible breaking. Snakable Specifications:
  • Will be available in Apple Lightning & Micro USB.
  • Will be 4 ft (1.2 m) in length.
  • Will be available in a range of colors to start: Red, White, Black, Green, and Orange.
  • Heavy duty cable (not like the cheapies you get on the street or drug store) with a coating that keeps the Snakable from knotting and tangling.
  • Lightning Snakables will be Apple Certified under the Made for iPhone (MFI) program. That means, no "This cable may not work..." error messages on your iPhone or iPad.
Take a look: Goulbourne is currently seeking funding for the Snakable through Kickstarter. To date, the project has received nearly $30,000 in donations, exceeding the project goal of $28,000. The project will be fully funded on May 25. With a donation of as little as $20, you will receive one Snakable for Apple or Android devices in your choice of color. This is a savings of $10 off the Snakable's expected regular price of $30. Kickstarters should receive their gifts in August. For more on the Snakable, click here. See also: Belkin’s New QODE Thin Type Keyboard Is A Perfect Companion For The iPad AirModulo Is The Swiss Army Knife Of Portable Battery Packs For Your iOS Device, and The Powerful, App-Enabled Dropcam Camera Is About To Get A Lot Smarter.

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