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Apple’s Rumored 'iWatch' Speculated To Launch In September With The 'iPhone 6'

Apple’s Rumored 'iWatch' Speculated To Launch In September With The 'iPhone 6'

June 5, 2014
While the WWDC keynote earlier this week brought a huge amount of new software, it looks like September will be all about Apple hardware. MacRumors has the latest information from Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White, who says the "iWatch" and "iPhone 6" will see a simultaneous launch in just a few months:
With the theme around wearable technology at Computex this year, our research has uncovered more data points as it relates to Apple’s “iWatch.” Our meeting with a tech supply chain company highlighted that initial production of certain “iWatch” components is scheduled to begin later this month and there are plans for a sharp acceleration into fall. Given the trajectory of this ramp and our experience analyzing other product ramps at Apple, we expect the "iWatch" to be unveiled with the iPhone 6 in September. Since our research suggests the first iteration of the "iWatch" is more of a companion device, and thus requires a connection to an iPhone, we believe unveiling the two new devices at the same time makes sense.
White also said the price of the watch could start anywhere between $199 and $229 to actively compete with other wearables on the market. Both of those predictions definitely sound plausible, especially after seeing Apple’s iOS 8 introduced with the Health app and HealthKit initiative. That being said, White is not exactly known for a keen ability to predict future Apple hardware. Back in 2013, he infamously said the so-far-unreleased iTV would be controlled by a ring device that would act as a “navigation pointer.” For other recent ‘iWatch’ news, see: Apple's Latest Ad Prepares The World For The 'iWatch,' Apple's 'iWatch' May Have A Round Face And Look Similar To The Moto 360, and How Do You Feel About Apple's 'iWatch' Now That You've Seen This? Photo: iWatch concept, Yanko Design.

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