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Become A Mountain With The Upcoming Game From ‘Her’ Animation Director

Become A Mountain With The Upcoming Game From ‘Her’ Animation Director

June 12, 2014
One of the more memorable, and funny, moments in the recent Spike Jonze film “Her” was the holographic “Alien Child” game. And the animation director behind that pictured visual feat, David OReilly, is jumping head first into the world of real game development. Engadget attended OReilly’s recent introduction of the game Mountain:
O'Reilly (sic) describes it as a "mountain simulator" -- he explained to a crowd at Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art this morning that it enables you to "live out all your dark twisted fantasies" of, uh, being a mountain.
Interestingly, players can input different melodies via an iOS device’s touchscreen. The music and weather also change. The game will be hitting the App Store in the next few weeks and should be $0.99. There will also be a version available for PC and Mac. Hopefully, playing the game will actually be more fun then it sounds. We'll let you know when Mountain is available to download. For other recent app news today, see: After A Short Delay, Microsoft Launches Skype 5.0 For iPhone, Skitch Gets An Update Making The Popular Annotation App Even Better, and Ahead Of Episode 2, Enjoy Jacob Jones And The Bigfoot Mystery's Free Prologue.

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