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New Apple Retail Head Angela Ahrendts Shares Insights Into 'Starting Anew'

New Apple Retail Head Angela Ahrendts Shares Insights Into 'Starting Anew'

June 24, 2014
Angela Ahrendts has just posted a blog post on LinkedIn sharing some professional and personal insights into her transition from CEO of Burberry in London to SVP of Retail and Online Stores at Apple in Cupertino. As noted by 9to5Mac, the post begins with a piece of advice on avoiding the pressure of being in a new position:
First: “Stay in your lane.” You’ve been hired because you bring a certain expertise to the team and the company. Try to resist putting additional or undue pressure on yourself trying to learn it all from day one. It's human nature to feel insecure about everything you "don't know". By staying focused on your core competencies you will be able to contribute much sooner, add greater value long term, and enjoy and have more peace especially in the early days.
Ahrendts goes on to highlight the importance of asking questions, even personal ones, in fostering thinking and understanding, and the value of trusting one's instincts and emotions. In closing, Ahrendts points out the lasting effect of first impressions:
So remember, first impressions are truly lasting and if you want to overthink anything, overthink how others are perceiving you and your leadership. Are they quickly lining up to follow you? This could single-handedly determine the speed of your assimilation and the company's success.
Angela Ahrendts was officially appointed as the retail head of Apple at the beginning of May. Since then, she has initiated multifaceted plans for a major restructuring of the company's retail stores.

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