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The First Major Update For Wayward Souls Has Been Submitted To Apple

The First Major Update For Wayward Souls Has Been Submitted To Apple

June 17, 2014
Wayward Souls, the much-loved indirect sequel to Rocketcat Games' Mage Gauntlet, is set to receive its first major update in the near future. The update, which has already been sent to the App Store approval team, makes a number of changes to the app -- including the addition of a brand new dungeon. According to a recently published change-log for the update (via TouchArcade), this new dungeon is called "The Labyrinth." It promises "20 floors of pain, and the conclusion of the stories of the current six characters," Rocketcat explains. This new dungeon also comes with its own brand new boss (little information is shared concerning this character, however), and a wide-ranging number of more general improvements are also appearing in the update, including:
  • Fixes for the zoom-in bug for iPad 1 and iOS 5.1.1.
  • Control tweaks for iPad devices, you can set movement and swipe sensitivity separately.
  • Health potions are no longer awful.
  • Automatic screen flipping.
  • Map now also shows your floor number.
  • Try to charge up a power attack when low on energy will no longer prevent you from moving.
  • You no longer get an energy regeneration bonus for charging up a power attack.
  • Hats stay on your head instead of unequipping.
  • Match Hat Color moved to the hatbox menu instead of options.
  • A bunch of new hats.
  • REPEAT STORY: ON/OFF toggle in options menu.
  • Gauranteed rare chest after each boss.
  • Chests can now be destroyed after being opened, to prevent weird situations where you could get stuck.
  • Some fixes to level generation in the first three dungeons.
  • Increased gold drop rate in the third and fourth dungeons.
  • Rare chests now drop normal hats if you run out of rare hats to find.
  • Guard Captains should no longer attack you immediately when they take damage.
  • Flame traps should be a bit more forgiving now.
  • Tapping during the retry/victory epitaphs now skips the text much faster.
  • Reflection damage buffed to triple of what it was.
  • Super Secret Area, will YOU survive its enigmatic horrors?
  • Various other minor tweaks and fixes.
Rocketcat also notes that its Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Adventurer, Spellsword, and Cultist character classes are each getting a series of balance changes, and promises that further alterations to these classes are set to appear with Wayward Souls' second major update. This second update will also bring MFi (Made for iPhone) gamepad support, along with at least two new dungeon modes (including an "Endless" mode), boss health bars, and "other stuff we didn't get to do in the first update," according to Rocketcat. If you're not familiar with Wayward Souls, the rogue-like adventure game is definitely worth taking for a spin. Back when the application was released we awarded it the accolade of being our AppAdvice Game of the Week, with my colleague Christine concluding that Wayward Souls is a "must-have" title. It's also worth noting that Rocketcat is planning on increasing the price of Wayward Souls by one dollar with each update. As such, now would be a great time to purchase the application if you've so far been unsure. Up until the app's update launches on the App Store, Wayward Souls can be downloaded for $4.99 and it's optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. We'll let you know once the game's incoming update is available to download. [gallery]

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