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The Popular miCal Gets A Big Update Bringing Lots Of User-Requested Features

Our favorite "missing calendar" miCal has just received a big update making a large number of changes to the popular Calendar app alternative. You can download miCal 7.5 now on the App Store for $1.99, and it's optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app has been around for some time (we originally reviewed it in 2010), yet back in March miCal received optimization for iOS 7 and this brought a fresh, new design. Since, users have requested a large number of new features and changes, and now the app's developer has incorporated many of these in miCal with the app's 7.5 release. The changes are too vast to mention individually (we've included full lists below), but some of the biggest include new "Light" and "Dark" modes for the app, support for Launch Center Pro and URL schemes, "natural language" input support for French, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch, and a new long-tap gesture that lets users create a new event at the time and date where the long-press is performed. Over in the app's release notes, a complete list of new features is outlined by miCal's developer:
  • added two new color schemes: dark and gray color scheme
  • configure a reminder list to being displayed in dashboard
  • add and edit urls for events
  • add open reminder and overdue reminders as badge on app icon
  • new long tap functionality in calendar views: create event at the time/date where you long press (old long tap has been removed)
  • added URL scheme and support Launch Center App
  • show end time instead of duration in dashboard and event lists (you can customize this in settings/dashboard section)
  • for birthdays facebook and twitter are now available to send congratulations right with those services. We also added the buttons for Mail, SMS, Phone, Twitter and Facebook to the birthday events detail view
  • open weather on clicking weather info in dashboard as a shortcut
  • add a clock in dashboard if weather is disabled
  • add natural languange input for ES, FR, IT and NL
However, that's not all. Because a bunch of "improvements" have been made to miCal, too, including:
  • if day or week view are set as start view sometimes the first event of the day is not scrolled up
  • a lot of small enhancements in natural language input
  • event notes are now editable with external keyboards
  • optimized special birthday (like 50th or 60th birthday) display in dashboard, birthday list and event detail view
Users of miCal can also rest assured that a huge number of bug fixes have also been made in the updated application. If you already own miCal, then this most recent update can be downloaded free of charge now. Otherwise miCal is available to purchase for $1.99, and as before it's optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. [gallery]
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