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Apple can't hide the fact they are about to launch the 'iPhone 6,' 'iWatch'

Apple can't hide the fact they are about to launch the 'iPhone 6,' 'iWatch'

July 25, 2014
Apple is notoriously quiet when it comes to future products. Except when they can’t be. Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley recently took a look at Apple’s latest quarterly filing with the SEC. What she found was off-balance commitments that “confirm major product ramps later this year,” according to Business Insider. In general terms, these off-balance sheet commitments are for “third-party manufacturers, component purchases, commitments for product tooling/manufacturing process equipment, advertising, research and development, and internet and telecommunications services.” At the end of the June quarter, commitments for third-party manufacturers and component purchases reached $15.4 billion, or a 22 percent increase year over year. Commitments for the rest were up 100 percent, to $5.6 billion. screen shot 2014-07-25 at 7.35.18 am For Huberty, these numbers mean two things:
1. The iPhone 6 is going to be really big, and Apple is ramping up for it. 2. Apple has the iWatch coming, and it's buying tools for its manufacturing partners to start cranking out iWatches.
None of this comes as much of a surprise, of course. However, it does provide further evidence that Apple is planning to end 2014 with quite a few huge bangs. See also: Op-Ed: Two 'iPhone 6' models, one Apple eventApple’s ‘iPhone 6’ event may be in mid-September this year, and Report says 3 Apple 'iWatches' are coming, along with an 'iPad Pro.'

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