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Apple Now Offers An Official Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter For $49

Apple Now Offers An Official Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter For $49

July 2, 2014
Apple has introduced an official security lock adapter for the new Mac Pro. The accessory, which Apple markets as the Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter, can be used to keep a Mac Pro secure in conjunction with a compatible Kensington lock or a similarly styled third-party product. It can be attached to the Apple workstation and server computer without any need for special tools or device modifications. As noted by MacRumors:
Apple's lock adapter is a simple metal bracket that secures the lift-off cover of the Mac Pro to the base of the machine with a security cable, preventing access to the machine's internals. The cable lock can then of course be secured to a bulky object or dedicated security ring found on some desks to make it difficult for thieves to steal the machine.
The Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter is available now on Apple's online store for $49, ready to be shipped within 24 hours. It's not yet available in Apple's retail stores, although they're expected to begin carrying the product soon. See also: Purchase Window For AppleCare+ Plans For iPhone And iPad Extended To 60 Days, Apple Launches The Newly Revised 16GB iPod touch Internationally, and New 'Richer And Darker' Banners Greet Apple Retail Store Customers.

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