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Create the perfect cup of coffee with AeroPress Timer 2.0

Create the perfect cup of coffee with AeroPress Timer 2.0

July 30, 2014
AeroPress Timer, the only officially licensed companion iOS app for the eponymous coffee-brewing machine manufactured by Aerobie, has just been updated to version 2.0. Launched in March last year, AeroPress Timer guides you through every AeroPress recipe with its built-it timer and prompts. And thanks to its 2.0 update, it now does so with a completely redesigned interface for iOS 7, with a completely gesture-based navigation scheme to boot. The new design also notably includes little AeroPress's to indicate the orientation of recipes (traditional or inverted) on the recipe selection screen. Speaking of recipes, AeroPress Timer now offers two new recipe packs: Championship Pack and Roaster Pack. The former includes nine recipes from the 2014 AeroPress World Championship Circuit, and the latter comprises seven recipes from top roasters around the world. Each pack is available via in-app purchase for $1.99. AeroPress Timer 2.0 also features the following, as outlined by developer Beloved Robot:
  • Brewing Tips: We get a lot of requests for random brewing tips, so we added a few tips to help you achieve coffee nirvana.
  • Recipe Overview: We added a recipe overview so that you can see the recipe's steps before starting to brew.
  • Timer Screen: You will now be notified how much water to POUR when prompted.
  • Bragging: Now you can brag about how great your coffee is on Twitter and Facebook. Don't miss the cool images that will be attached to your posts.
  • Two Cup Recipes: We added two recipes that are suited for sharing with a friend.
Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 7.0 or later, AeroPress Timer 2.0 is available now on the App Store for free. See also: AppAdvice's Apps For Coffee Lovers AppList.

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