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Cydia Tweak: Bring iOS 8's Quick Reply Feature To iOS 7 Using This Smart Package

Cydia Tweak: Bring iOS 8's Quick Reply Feature To iOS 7 Using This Smart Package

July 7, 2014

Apple’s iOS 8 finally adds quick reply support for incoming messages, allowing users to fire off a response to an iMessage or SMS from inside a banner notification. Now, users running an iOS 7-powered handset can enjoy a similar feature on their device using a smart new jailbreak tweak.

Called Interactive Message Notifications, the package can be downloaded for $0.99 on the Cydia Store now. Once installed, the package indeed adds an iOS 8-inspired quick reply feature to one’s jailbroken handset, allowing users to type a message response into a banner notification.

It’s a simple enough package that ships with no options to configure; instead, Interactive Message Notifications begins to work its magic immediately upon being installed, and as such jailbreakers will need to uninstall the package in order to disable the jailbreak tweak.

Apart from its quick reply feature, Apple’s iOS 8 now also allows users to gain speedier access to their most-messaged contacts from the multitasking interface, it improves group messaging, and it allows users to share their location from inside the Messages app.

Tim Cook also discussed the iOS 8 Messages app’s “tap-to-talk” feature recently, noting how it was inspired by the CEO’s visit to China.

All of these features (and more) are coming to our iPhones and iPads with iOS 8, which is expected to be released to the general public in fall. We’ll keep you updated with further information on the updated mobile OS as we receive it.

In the meantime, Interactive Message Notifications can be downloaded on the Cydia Store for $0.99.

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