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I want to believe: Conspiracy theory-inspired Majestic Nights is coming this fall

I want to believe: Conspiracy theory-inspired Majestic Nights is coming this fall

July 24, 2014

Majestic Nights is an upcoming, episodic role-playing game (RPG) based on a selection of classic U.S. conspiracy theories. If you want to believe but trust no one at the same time, Majestic Nights is an iOS app worth looking out for.

Its first chapter – a prologue – will launch on the App Store in September, and this opening episode will be free to download. From here, a new episode will be released every month until February 2015, according to developer Epiphany Games (via TouchArcade).

We’re not sure how much individual episodes are going to cost, but a season pass option will be availble, which is good to hear. Concerning the app’s plot, TouchArcade notes that the RPG’s prologue chapter, “Sunset After Dark,” sees the game’s protagonist search “for a missing movie director who has proof that the Apollo 11 mission to the moon actually took place on a Hollywood sound stage.”

The website continues:

In Majestic Nights, you’ll play as either Cardholder, an intelligence operative at the heart of the American government’s illicit coverups, or Cal, a lowly gumshoe with skeletons in her own closet. Epiphany describe the mechanics as “fast and light,” and they seem to focus on conversation, investigation, and exploration, with some stealth and gunplay mixed in for good measure, all explored through the grimy, isometric lens of so many edited Zapruder films.

How far does the conspiracy go? Well, you’ll have to take Majestic Nights for a spin this September to find out.

According to TouchArcade, Screen Australia granted Majestic Nights $128,000 during a recent round of funding, and as mentioned, all being well we should see the first episode launch this coming September.

We’ll let you know once Majestic Nights’ prologue episode appears on the App Store.

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