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It could be a long wait before Apple's iOS 8 beta 5 arrives

It could be a long wait before Apple's iOS 8 beta 5 arrives

July 28, 2014
Using historical data, until now it was fairly straightforward to anticipate when Apple would release another iOS 8 beta. That is no longer the case as we head into August and wait for the arrival of iOS 8 beta 5. History tells us Apple could release the fifth iOS 8 beta as early as tomorrow, July 29 -- or wait until early September. In 2013, iOS 7 beta 5 arrived just eight days after the previous version. A year earlier, there was no iOS 6 beta 5. Instead, it took Apple 37 days to release the iOS 6 gold master (GM) edition, following the arrival of iOS 6 beta 4. In 2011, it took Apple 15 days to release iOS 5 beta 5. That year, there were seven iOS betas released, making it the longest development process in the history of the mobile operating system.

The company's iOS 8 beta 4, which arrived last week, includes features not present on previous versions, including a new Tips app. The beta also includes enhanced dictation, live feedback, and more. Because of these many changes, I expect that Apple will release at least one more beta before offering developers a GM version.

Last week, BGR said that Apple plans on releasing iOS 8 beta 5 next Monday, Aug. 5, followed by the launch of iOS 8 beta 6 on August 15. The GM, or final version, would arrive a few weeks later.

This sounds about right, although our own Apple contacts say the release schedule remains highly fluid.

First unveiled in June, iOS 8 should be released to the public in September. It features new Photos and Health apps, improved iMessages, and much more.

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