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Kickstarted: Sense is a smart, hassle-free sleep tracking solution for iOS

Kickstarted: Sense is a smart, hassle-free sleep tracking solution for iOS

July 25, 2014

Sense, a new Kickstarter project from Hello, promises “a simple system that tracks your sleep behavior, monitors the environment of your bedroom, and reinvents the alarm.”

The intelligent project is available to support now on Kickstarter, and it’s seeking $100,000 in funding (a goal which has already been smashed). It comes in two parts: a Sense, and a Sleep Pill.

Hello’s Sleep Pill is “a small but incredibly sensitive sleep tracking sensor that clips invisibly to your pillow,” and this device works much like similar sleep tracking systems: it monitors your movement and logs your sleep activity to a dedicated iOS app.

What sets this product apart from its rivals, however, is the addition of Hello’s Sense. This larger device is designed to sit on a bedside table and it monitors the environment of your bedroom, recording noise, light, temperature, humidity, and air particles.

Hello explains:

You can begin to correlate interruptions in your sleep to external conditions and disturbances. You can play back key sound disturbances via the app to say “Ah, the garbage truck broke my sleep cycle at 3am. I didn’t even realize that.”

An iOS application houses all the data recorded from Sense, and it’ll offer a “Sleep Score” based on the quality of your previous nights of sleep. The app also features a “Smart Alarm” that’s designed to wake users up at a more natural point in their sleep cycle; the Sense unit includes a built-in speaker that can alert users when it’s the right time to wake up.

You can preorder a Sense with one Sleep Pill from $99, and for two Sleep Pills a pledge of $129 must be made.

For more information, including the option of backing the project, stop by Hello’s Sense Kickstarter Web page.

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