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The AdventureQuest Intensifies With The Arrival Of PvP Battles In Battle Gems

The AdventureQuest Intensifies With The Arrival Of PvP Battles In Battle Gems

July 9, 2014
At last, true Player vs. Player (PvP) has arrived in Battle Gems. Released last March, Battle Gems is a mobile reworking of Artix Entertainment's original PvP Web puzzle game, AdventureQuest. Essentially a match-three game, it has you swiping over puzzle gems to launch battle attacks against monsters. Since its launch, Battle Gems has offered a so-called PvP system whereby you can tap on a friend's portrait on the map and kick that friend's butt, with an option to share a screenshot of your butt-kicking. Artix admits that that's a rather sad excuse for PvP. Fortunately, it has introduced actual PvP combat to Battle Gems through the game's latest update. Now, you can play Battle Gems against players from around the world in PvP battles featuring randomly generated gem boards with different gameplay mechanics in each fight. The game now also challenges you to collect all of the 20 PvP items and unlock all of the 216 PvP titles. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. The new Battle Gems update also sees the introduction of gold packages with special in-game perks. The new version of Battle Gems boasts the following features:
  • Bone crunching PvP Battles have been introduced!
  • Strike fear into your opponents by making your own custom PvP name!
  • Improve your battle results by buying all 20 new items from the PvP shop!
  • Demonstrate your might to your unworthy foes and loyal friends in our new PvP Leaderboards!
  • GET MAD! Tap any name on the Leaderboard to view randomly generates Smack Talk!
  • Hefty gold packages now available for purchase!
  • The Top Tier gold package gives you a GOLD PvP name and "Make It Rain" skill!
  • Battle effects now more synchronized with your smack-down.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, the new PvP-enabled version of Battle Gems is available now on the App Store for free.

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