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High-quality images of Apple's 'iPhone 6' show the front panel, power button and more

High-quality images of Apple's 'iPhone 6' show the front panel, power button and more

August 13, 2014
As the official introduction date of the next-generation iPhone continues to come closer, we’re seeing even more leaked, high-quality images of the handset. This time, MacRumors shares the information from Feld & Volk. Feld & Volk is well know for modifying Apple handsets into luxury goods for celebrities and sports stars. The company previously shared pictures of the rear shell of the “iPhone 6” back in July. But the new images show the front panel, power button, and mute switch of the handset. While the extreme close-ups of the power and mute switch don’t tell us much, the images of the front panel are more intriguing. The back of the panel shows how a number of items, like the front-facing camera, phone earpiece, and other cables are placed into the top area of the phone. Another image shows how the edges of the front panel are tapered. MacRumors explains why that is important:
Those tapered edges should sit essentially flush with the edges of the rounded rear shell, providing for a sleek, nearly seamless look and feel for the iPhone 6.
Earlier today, we reported that the handset is nearing the mass production stage. Apple will apparently announce the device at a media event on Tuesday, Sept. 9. As of now, we expect Apple will unveil an “iPhone 6” with both a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen. The smaller version will be available around 10 days after the media event. The 5.5-inch handset should hit the market a month later. [gallery ids="566613,566614,566615,566616"]

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