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Team Meat officially announces Super Meat Boy: Forever auto-running platformer

Team Meat officially announces Super Meat Boy: Forever auto-running platformer

August 30, 2014

Earlier this month, Team Meat, the creator of the iconic platformer game Super Meat Boy, released a teaser trailer for something called A Voyeur for September. As it happens, “A Voyeur for September” is an anagram of “Super Meat Boy: Forever,” which turns out to be the actual name of Team Meat’s actual upcoming game.

As reported by Joystiq, Super Meat Boy: Forever (SMB:F) is being previewed by Team Meat at PAX Prime 2014. You can check out a short clip of the game in action in this Vine video:

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

Contrary to what the Vine video’s caption suggests, SMB:F is not an endless runner. Rather, as pointed out by Team Meat co-CEO Edmund McMillen, the game is an auto-runner but is “not at all endless.”

In its official announcement post, Team Meat notes that SMB:F is not a mere port of Super Meat Boy and provides a fact sheet about the upcoming game, including the following bits of information:

  • SMB:F will feature a full story, 6 chapters, and double the bosses the original game featured.
  • SMB:F is not an endless runner, but will feature an endless mode with online high scores and daily runs.
  • SMB:F will feature a full fledged dark world featuring dark warp zones, bosses, new playable indie game characters and more.
  • SMB:F will feature a vast randomly generated level structure that ensures a totally new play experience with each death.

SMB:F is said to be just a couple of months into development and is expected to be released “sometime next year” for Steam-supported platforms as well as smartphone and tablets, including, of course, iOS devices. No word yet on whether it’s going to be a free-to-play title or not, but Team Meat assures potential players that SMB:F “will not use abusive $ tactics to drain your wallet and cheapen the game experience.”

SMB:F appears to be the touch-optimized version of Super Meat Boy that Team Meat first teased back in April 2012, which was put on hold when the team began work on its “cat-lady sim” Mewgenics. Now, though, Mewgenics is the one being placed on the back burner in favor of SMB:F.

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