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Apple 'actively investigating' alleged iCloud hack behind nude celebrity photo leak

Apple 'actively investigating' alleged iCloud hack behind nude celebrity photo leak

September 2, 2014

Apple has issued a statement regarding the alleged hacking of its iCloud service that led to the leaking of nude photos of a number of female celebrities, most notably Oscar winner and “The Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence.

In a statement to Re/code, Apple spokesperson Natalie Kerris said, “We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report.”

The leaked and widely circulated photos, which first appeared on the image-board website 4chan, are believed to have been obtained using a software that enables hackers to attack iCloud with repeated brute-force password guesses.

Apparently, iCloud had no lockout system in place for repeated login attempts. But Apple was already reported to have patched this vulnerability earlier today.

According to security experts, instances of iCloud hacking may be avoided by using strong passwords and implementing two-step verification, which requires additional authentication via another authorized device.

Late last May, iCloud’s supposed insecurity was also blamed when Apple devices were remotely locked by hackers in exchange for ransom. Apple, however, asserted that iCloud was not compromised during the incident.

In another well-known incident, journalist Mat Honan’s iCloud account was compromised by hackers who were able to easily gain access to it by impersonating him during a call with an Apple representative.

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