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Apple PR saves Tim Cook from discussing 'iTV'

Apple PR saves Tim Cook from discussing 'iTV'

September 23, 2014

Tim Cook was very talkative during a recent interview with Bloomberg Businessweek — almost too talkative.

In a long-ranging interview, the Apple CEO discussed Apple Pay, Apple Watch, and how the company he leads has changed in the past five years. At the end of the interview, Cook explained that many products are killed during the development process when “we decide, ‘You know, it’s not doing it for me.’”

Businessweek suggests the long-rumored “iTV” should fall into that category. Then the interview comes to an interesting and abrupt end:

Like what?

Well, we’ve stopped some things, yes.

Before they see the light of day?

Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Because it just didn’t keep turning us on every day. Or we concluded that we didn’t own enough of the technology in it so that we could really get the user experience that we want. And—

I’m guessing that television might fall into that category.

Natalie Kerris, Apple public relations: And now I’m going to stop you.

He was thinking of a thoughtful answer.

Cook: I was thinking about a thoughtful evasion. [Laughs.]

Apple has long been rumored to be working on a television set, which many have dubbed the iTV.

In Walter Isaacson’s 2011 biography “Steve Jobs,” the late Apple co-founder is quoted as saying “i finally cracked it,” when referring to an “integrated television set.” Last December, Cook fanned the flames when he told NBC’s Brian Williams that the living room was ” an area of intense interest.”

In recent months, we have heard very little about the iTV as Apple has concentrated on adding content to the existing Apple TV.

It would have been nice to hear what Cook was going to say about television before being cutoff — not that he would have given anything away. The fact that he was stopped mid-thought makes the entire exchange interesting, nonetheless.

Apple is expected to hold a media event in the coming weeks. Perhaps we’ll hear something about the iTV and/or Apple TV at that time. My gut tells me that there will be nothing new on that front until next year.

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