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Apple’s 'iWatch' goes round and elegant in this newest concept

Apple’s 'iWatch' goes round and elegant in this newest concept

September 5, 2014

We’re hopefully just five days away from the official unveiling of the long-awaited “iWatch” at a special media event on Tuesday, Sept. 9.

But that’s not stopping Jon Fawcett at Fuse Chicken from coming up with this interesting new concept featuring a round design and what looks to be an integrated Touch ID sensor.

The center of the device is reserved for notifications.

The center of the device is reserved for notifications.

Fuse Chicken is probably known best for its Une Bobine iPhone stand. And Fawcett talked more about his design to Cult of Mac:

“Apple has never been a company to add technology just for the sake of claiming it on a spec sheet — insert curved glass, flexible screens, dual-triple-quad-HD here!” he tells Cult of Mac.

“Apple’s history is that technology merges into a seamless experience with the design. This led me to a watch concept that maintains the centuries-old watch form factor merged with technology into an experience that is both incredibly powerful yet intuitively simple and familiar.”

For the complete gallery, visit Fawcett’s blog post on Fuse Chicken’s site.

While I do think the overall design looks nice, I don’t think the actual “iWatch” will look anything close to this design. More than likely, it will feature some type of square or rectangular shape. Would you purchase something like this?

The trickle of rumors about the wearable device picked up steam yesterday. Multiple reports said that Apple will offer the device in two different sizes and that it will feature a flexible display protected by a sapphire crystal cover. It will also be Apple’s first device to offer wireless charging.

With an integrated NFC chip, the device will reportedly be a big part of Apple’s rumored mobile payment platform.

The entire event, which kicks off at 10 a.m. PDT, can be seen on a live stream from Apple’s site. We will also be there covering all the latest news.

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