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Update: HealthKit issue in iOS 8 causes Apple to temporarily remove some fitness apps

Update: HealthKit issue in iOS 8 causes Apple to temporarily remove some fitness apps

September 17, 2014

Update: Apple has confirmed a HealthKit bug. A software fix, which will arrive before the end of the month, will allow HealthKit-enabled apps to return to the App Store.

The iOS 8 rollout is not without a few hiccups. According to Cult of Mac, a last-minute problem with HealthKit is forcing Apple to pull a number of fitness-related apps that are compatible with the feature.

One of those temporarily unavailable apps includes Carrot Fit 3.0, which we featured earlier this morning.

Cult of Mac was able to speak with app developer Brian Mueller:

Brian Mueller, developer of fitness app Carrot Fit, said Apple called and emailed him to say his app had been removed from the App Store due to a last-minute problem with HealthKit. His app, and several other fitness apps like My Fitness Pal and WebMD for iPhone, are currently unavailable for download.

“The rep couldn’t clarify what was wrong,” Mueller told Cult of Mac in an email, “though users of the app who had already downloaded the update were able to use the HealthKit features without any issue.”

Other affected apps include MyFitnessPal and WebMD.

An Apple representative told Mueller that he could submit an earlier version of the app without HealthKit integration, and that could help get Carrot Fit back in the store faster.

The HealthKit platform ties in with the new Health app. It’s a central place for users to see a number of fitness-related metrics, including weight, heart rate, sleep, and nutrition.

It is also integrated into the Apple Watch, which will be arriving in early 2015.

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