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Lingering questions about the Apple Watch are important ones

Lingering questions about the Apple Watch are important ones

September 10, 2014

There is much to love about the Apple Watch. Nonetheless, there are a number of important unanswered questions about Apple’s new wearable device.


Cupertino has yet to announce the Watch’s storage capacity, nor do we know whether it will be available with different storage sizes. This is a huge omission, given that Apple is selling the device “as so much more than just a watch.”


Apple says that the Apple Watch starts at $349. Beyond this, they have kept mum on price. We also don’t know what extra bands will set us back, or whether buying these separately will even be possible.

Our best bet is that these prices weren’t announced because Apple hasn’t decided on them yet — or they weren’t prepared to sticker shock us just yet.

Battery life


Most current-generation smart watches require a charge every one to two days. Apple has yet to unveil how much time the Watch will last between charges, except to say that the process is “utterly effortless.”

If battery life on the Apple Watch was impressive, the company would have highlighted this. Instead, we’re left with last week’s report from The Information that said Apple employees have “set low expectations” on the device’s battery life.


The Apple Watch will be available in two sizes: 38 mm and 42 mm. However, we still don’t know its actual dimensions. This suggests that further tweaks to the design are possible before the device is released.


Most high-quality watches come with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer. Most Apple devices ship with only a one-year warranty, which can be extended with the purchase of an Apple Care+ package. Which is it Apple?

The Apple Watch is expected to arrive in stores in early 2015, so there is plenty of time for these questions to be answered. Until then, the guessing game can begin.

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