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Skype for iPhone now includes group audio calling

Skype for iPhone now includes group audio calling

September 4, 2014

Microsoft has released the latest update of Skype for iPhone. Version 5.4 features group audio calling for the first time.

To make a group call, simply hit the new call button located on the bottom navigation bar. The new feature supports up to four people on a group audio call in this first release. This number may rise with future updates.

As Microsoft notes on the Skype blog:

Once a group audio call has started, the number of participants will be displayed in the top bar. Tap the navigation bar to see the active participants on the call. You can also see any contacts that are in the group but not on the call. Furthermore, as the host, you can also selectively take people off the call without ending the current call.

You can also add people during a call. To do so, tap on the “add participant” button during a call, and select a contact from your people list. 


The latest version of Skype for iPhone can be downloaded by following this link.

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