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Take a look at this concept video of the Apple Watch OS running on an iPhone 6

Take a look at this concept video of the Apple Watch OS running on an iPhone 6

September 12, 2014

Along with being the first new Apple device since the iPad, the Apple Watch ushers in a new operating system.

The Apple Watch OS is a big departure for the company and is highlighted by a fluid home screen with circular icons. Navigation is done mostly by zooming in and out of a grid of apps.

Andras Horvath wondered what the Apple Watch OS would look like on an iPhone 6 and recently posted this interesting concept video. Click here if you can’t see it.

Overall, I think the concept actually looks nice on an iPhone. But it’s not realistic to think that Apple would ever make such a huge change to iOS. The new OS looks much more suited to the smaller screen of the watch and looks to be optimized for use with the digital crown as well.

As for the actual Apple Watch itself, it should arrive sometime in “early” 2015. The watch, which will be available in three different styles, will start at $349. Buyers will also be able to further customize the device with a number of watchbands.

During the special media event on Tuesday, Apple also announced WatchKit which will allow developers to create apps for the Apple Watch OS.

If you’re interested in the new device, also take a look at our hands-on with the Apple Watch with a number of videos and images.

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