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Apple outlines its participation in President Obama's ConnectED initiative

Apple outlines its participation in President Obama's ConnectED initiative

October 28, 2014

Apple has just launched a new microsite outlining its participation in President Barack Obama’s technology-driven educational initiative ConnectED.

“As part of our mission, we’re joining President Obama in support of the ConnectED initiative by committing our products, our knowledge, and our passion for learning to 114 schools across the country,” the company says on the site. “It’s an important first step and a bold vision for a richer, more diverse, and more inclusive future.”

Apple’s ConnectED grants cover 114 schools across 29 states and mostly benefit students at a disadvantage, especially minorities, which make up 92 percent of the company’s partner schools.

At Apple’s ConnectED schools, every student will receive an iPad, every teacher and administrator will receive an iPad and a Mac, and every classroom will have an Apple TV, all of which will foster learning and creativity.

First announced in June last year, ConnectED is a plan by the Federal Communication Commission designed to enrich K-12 education for U.S. students, with the primary aim of bringing next-generation connectivity to 99 percent of students within five years.

Apple confirmed its involvement in the program last January, following a nod from President Obama at his State of the Union address. “We are proud to join President Obama in this historic initiative to transform America’s schools,” Apple said. “Apple has a long history in education, and we have pledged to contribute MacBooks, iPads, software and our expertise to support the ConnectED project.”

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