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Automatic app update brings License+, a program for teen drivers and their parents

Automatic app update brings License+, a program for teen drivers and their parents

October 27, 2014

The iPhone-compatible smart driving assistant Automatic is branching out to help teen drivers and their parents. The device’s companion iOS app has just been updated with the License+ program.

In a blog post, the company said it designed the free program to balance the needs of new drivers and their parents:

At Automatic, we believe driving smarter saves you time and money, and helps keep you safe. This has been especially true for newly licensed drivers. We also know the first six months after getting a license are the most difficult and risky of our driving lives. Several products on the market attempt to make driving safer for teens with real-time monitoring. But in our research, we found monitoring doesn’t quite work for parents who are already overwhelmed with too much data. And it doesn’t work for teens who do not like being spied on, but do want help being better drivers.

Teens who sign up for the program will select a trusted coach for 100 hours of independent driving which should be completed in about six months. The coach can review the driver’s progress and identify what skills to work on next.

A weekly activity summary is sent to both the teen and coach.

The Automatic app is designed for the iPhone and can be downloaded now on the App Store for free. The actual Automatic device retails for $99.95 and can be ordered from a number of retailers, including the company’s site, now.

It is designed to work with most gasoline-powered cars made in the United States since 1996 with an ODB-II port. To make sure your car is compatible, check here.

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