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The Macworld/iWorld Expo, where Apple introduced the first iPhone, is no more

The Macworld/iWorld Expo, where Apple introduced the first iPhone, is no more

October 14, 2014

Sad news for Apple fans. The venerable Macworld/iWorld Expo for 2015 has been canceled and the show is going on a “hiatus.”

In a statement, IDG World Expo said they will still offer the MacIT event, focused on Apple in the enterprise next year. Here’s more from the company:

Since 1985, Macworld events have brought together a community to celebrate the incredible innovations that Apple has brought into the world, shining a spotlight on the developers who add value to the user’s experience in infinite ways. As Apple products and the related ecosystem have changed, so has the marketplace, and we are proud to have played a part in that evolution. Literally thousands of companies and hundreds of products have come to market at Macworld, and countless professional relationships have been forged. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Apple community for allowing us to host these events and be a part of the incredible story that is the Apple market.

The conference began in 1985, and quickly became a popular event for fans and companies to attend, thanks to Apple’s official participation in the event.

Apple used the expo to announce a number of new products like iTunes, the iPod mini, and Mac OS X. Easily the biggest introduction, though, was the original iPhone in 2007.

Apple decided to pull official participation after 2009, and the show began to suffer. The 2014 event was moved from early February to late March.

Macworld magazine also ceased publication last month, moving to a digital-only format.

The show was a great place for all of the latest and greatest Mac and iOS apps and accessories, and it will definitely be missed.

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