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This week in accessories: Ion Case for the iPhone 6 from Element and more

This week in accessories: Ion Case for the iPhone 6 from Element and more

October 17, 2014

Happy Friday and welcome back to our weekly look at some of the newest accessories for your iOS device. In this edition, we’re featuring a new case for the iPad Air 2 and more. Check back next week when we’ll be featuring an assortment of new cases for Apple’s latest flagship tablet.

Outback Slip Case for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 from Waterfield Designs


Made with waxed canvas and full-grain leather, Waterfield Designs has introduced a Outback Slip Case that fits either the recently announced iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3. The iPad is protected with a padded liner while leather strap helps keep the tablet inside the slip case.

Buyers can select from a version that will fit a just a tablet or a tablet with Apple’s Smart Cover. The iPad Air 2 version is $69 while the iPad mini 3 edition is $10 less. Both can be ordered now from the Waterfield Designs site now. The case will start shipping next week.

Ion Case for the iPhone 6 from Element


Featuring a carbon fiber backplate, the Ion Case for the iPhone 6 is made with an impact-resistant body. Available in blue or black, the case retails for $49.95 and can be ordered from Element’s site now.

Satechi Ridemate


A mount that can attach directly to a bicycle’s handlebars, the Satechi Ridemate is waterproof and can fit most iPhone models, including the iPhone 6. A clear back window and touch-sensitive front cover allows riders to have full use of their handset, including the ability to take photos or videos. The pouch can also be removed from the dual-locking system, allowing users to take their handset anywhere around water.

The Ridemate retails for $29.99 and can be purchased from or Satechi’s site now.

Kanex GoBuddy Plus


Along with a Lightning cable to charge your iOS device, the Kanex GoBuddy Plus packs something special sure to be a hit at any party – a built-in bottle opener. With the carbineer clip, the charger can be attached to a keychain or bag.

Buyers can select from a white or black Lightning GoBuddy Plus for $24.95. It can be ordered now from Kanex.

Cobra Slim from Booq


Designed for up to a 15-inch Mac, Booq’s new Cobra Slim bag also has enough room to hold an iPad, iPhone, and other important items. The bag’s exterior is made from 47 percent recycled material and 53 percent cotton. The main pocket holds a laptop while another interior pocket can hold smaller items. An outer pocket provides organization for chargers, pens, and more. Finally, a slip pocket on the back of the bag can hold a magazine or portfolio. Users can remove the padded shoulder strap, if desired.

The bag retails for $195 and can be ordered from Booq’s site.

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