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Are 3-D enabled iPhones in our future?

Are 3-D enabled iPhones in our future?

November 5, 2014

Future iPhones could incorporate 3-D display technology that doesn’t require glasses. This news comes from Taiwanese daily, UDN (via AppleInsider).

According to the report, Apple is “actively” building an ecosystem that includes 3-D hardware and software. This push will mean the eventual retirement of the current in-touch cell technology used in the iPhone 6.

Heading this effort is TPK, a company that has long provided Apple with touch modules. To move the process along, TPK is said to be raising $3 billion in new capital to prepare for Apple’s upcoming orders.

As AppleInsider rightly notes:

Apple has been seen exploring 3D technology in the past, patenting both proximity-based control schemes as well as more advanced holographic techniques. The company also bought Israeli chipmaker PrimeSense — responsible for the 3D sensors in Microsoft’s first-generation Kinect — for $345 million late last year.

My initial thought is that adding a 3-D display to the iPhone would be a bad idea. Amazon tried this with the Fire Phone with disastrous results. So too have television manufacturers.

Nonetheless, I’ll reserve judgement. This is Apple, after all.

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