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New details about Apple's long-rumored 'iPad Pro' surface

New details about Apple's long-rumored 'iPad Pro' surface

November 2, 2014

Following the launch of the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 last month, Apple is presumably readying to launch its biggest tablet yet, the long-rumored “iPad Pro.” And now, some new details pertaining to the device have surfaced.

According to a new report by Mac o Takara (via MacRumors), the iPad Pro will be quite similar to Microsoft’s 12-inch Surface Pro 3. It will have a display measuring 12.2 inches rather than 12.9 inches, as has been widely rumored.

As for its depth, the iPad Pro is said to be thinner than the iPad Air (7.5 mm) but thicker than the iPad Air 2 (6.1 mm). It’s also said to be thinner than the iPhone 6 Plus (7.1 mm) but thicker than the iPhone 6 (6.9 mm). This puts the device’s expected depth at around 7 mm.

While its hardware design is expected to be largely based on the iPad Air 2, the iPad Pro is also said to have speakers and microphones on both of its top and bottom edges, reportedly allowing for stereo audio.

The iPad Pro was reportedly set to go into mass production in December. But its start of production was reportedly rescheduled for early next year as Apple’s suppliers refocus their efforts on meeting the still strong demand for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

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