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Ride the rails with Griffin’s new iPad stands made from decommissioned railroad steel

Ride the rails with Griffin’s new iPad stands made from decommissioned railroad steel

November 19, 2014

Griffin Technology has announced yet another partnership to bring a unique iOS device accessory to the market. The manufacturer is teaming up with Rail Yard Studios to offer two beautiful tablet stands – the Rail Slice and Rail Artifact.

Rail Yard Studios, based in Nashville, Tenn., is well-known for creating one-of-a-kind custom furniture from railroad steel and timber. And the two stands are constructed with reclaimed rail stock installed on the original Louisville and Nashville Railroad between 1906 and 1908.


The Rail Slice and Rail Artifact stands can hold any iPad or iPad mini.

The Rail Slice features a milled cavity to hold a charging cable and to allow an iPad’s speaker to project sound without being obstructed. The Rail Artifact is made with two railroad spikes and tie plate used to hold the railroad line together.

Both the Rail Slice and Rail Artifact can be purchased now from Griffin’s site for $129.99. Since the forged steel could scratch an iPad, a case is highly recommended.

Thankfully, every stand buyer will receive a Griffin case of their choice for free. Just add a case in your cart along with the stand, and it will be automatically discounted with no promo code needed.

That makes it a great deal considering you can snag a Griffin All-Terrain Case for the iPad Air 2 that retails for $79.99 for free in the promotion. It also looks to be a great gift idea for the upcoming holiday season.

For other recent accessory news, see: Logitech introduces the flexible AnyAngle case for the iPad Air 2 and all iPad mini models, PowerSkin is offering iPhone battery packs for only a penny on Cyber Monday, Dec. 1, and Listen to your beats on a custom-designed, limited-edition Skrillex UE Boom.

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