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Listen to your beats on a custom-designed, limited-edition Skrillex UE Boom

Listen to your beats on a custom-designed, limited-edition Skrillex UE Boom

November 18, 2014

Ultimate Ears has expanded its limited-edition lineup of UE Boom speakers. The new Skrillex Edition UE Boom is the result of a new collaboration with the six-time Grammy Award winning electric dance music producer.

“UE BOOM is awesome because it’s small, portable and powerful,” Skrillex said. “They get so loud! I listen to them all the time on tour – from the bus to backstage. They’re the best little speakers you can get, which is why I’m pumped to have my own artwork covering a custom edition.”

The Skrillex is the fourth limited-edition UE Boom that has been released. The UE Boom – Jettison Edition by artist Don Pendleton was released earlier this year. Previous releases included the Tippsy UE Boom by surf and skate designer Jason Maloney, and the Blablobs Limited Edition UE Boom by NYC street art legend Kenny Scharf.

First introduced in 2013, the UE Boom Bluetooth speaker system features 360 degrees of sound, and is waterproof, stain proof, and super durable. It also delivers 15 hours of battery life between charges.


With the free UE Boom app, users can pair up to eight Bluetooth enabled source devices, such as an iPhone or iPad. Like the newer UE Mini Boom, users can connect up to two source devices at the same time, and listen to audio in stereo. The UE Boom can also be used as a wake up device.

The $199.99 Skrillex UE Boom is available to order by following this link.

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