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Checkmark 2 gets optimized for iOS 8 and brings new features in latest update

Checkmark 2 gets optimized for iOS 8 and brings new features in latest update

December 11, 2014

There are plenty of to-do apps out there, but one that always caught our attention was Checkmark by Snowman. This was a simple task list app that placed a focus on location-based reminders that launched back in 2012. Earlier this year, Snowman released a major overhaul to the app, which came as a brand new app called Checkmark 2.

With Checkmark 2, Snowman brought a fresh new design that aligned with the flat and minimal aesthetics of iOS 7. Location-based reminders has been the strong point of the original Checkmark, and it still is in the new app. New location-based tasks can be created in as little as three taps once you set up your frequently visited spots, and the ability to refine the proximity radius gave users full control.

Checkmark 2 also added the ability for normal, time-based to-dos as well, which could be found in the “When” section. These tasks could have due dates and times, and even notes when needed. Lists were also added in version 2.0, so you could have items in the app that weren’t attached to specific locales or don’t to be done by a certain time. This became a good all-in-one app for your to-dos.

Today, Checkmark got a juicy 2.5 update that brings plenty of new goodies, thanks to iOS 8.

Checkmark 2's Today widget.

Checkmark 2′s Today widget.

The first big new feature is the addition of the Checkmark Today widget. With this, you can see any scheduled reminders that are due today. This is handy when you want a quick look at what your plans are for the day.

Interactive notifications is another big point. Now when you get an alert, you can pull the notification banner down and mark an item as complete, even if you are in another app or on the lock screen.

Checkmark is now optimized for the larger screens of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, so no more zoomed-in interface! It is now also fully optimized for iOS 8, and like many other updates, there are bug fixes and other small improvements, such as iCloud optimization.

I’ve always enjoyed watching Checkmark evolve over time, and today’s update just makes it even better. If you have a lot of location-based reminders on your plate, or just want a beautiful and simple task manager, then I recommend checking out this big update.

Existing users of Checkmark 2 can grab the update for free in the App Store. Potential customers can purchase it on the App Store on the iPhone for $2.99, which is on sale from the normal price of $9.99. The app requires iOS 8.0 or later.

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