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Apple hires longtime HP executive to boost corporate and government sales

Apple hires longtime HP executive to boost corporate and government sales

January 9, 2015

Apple has hired a longtime executive at Hewlett-Packard (HP) in a bid to boost its corporate and government sales.

As reported by Re/code, Apple has hired John Solomon, who worked at HP for 20 years, most notably as senior vice president of the information technology company’s printing and imaging operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Solomon declined to comment on the news, but spokespersons from Apple and HP confirm his company switch.

His exact title and role at Apple are yet unknown, but he’s expected to contribute to the company’s efforts in advancing its sales to large companies and government agencies.

He joins Apple just about a couple of months after the company begun rolling out the products of its landmark partnership with IBM, including an enterprise-grade support service and new IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps. Apple has also been said to be working on “expanding its footprint in the workplace” by forging enterprise-focused partnerships with a number of other companies.

Aside from boosting Apple’s enterprise sales, Solomon is rumored to play a key part in the international sales of the upcoming Apple Watch, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. If indeed tapped for the role, he joins several other advisers recently hired by Apple for the development and marketing of the highly anticipated smart watch, which is said to be set for launch in March.

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