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Who needs the Apple Watch? Incipio’s Prompt Folio iPad Air 2 case features a built-in display

Who needs the Apple Watch? Incipio’s Prompt Folio iPad Air 2 case features a built-in display

January 7, 2015

Incipio’s new Prompt Folio for the iPad Air 2 is easily one of the most unique accessories being showcased at CES 2015 this week in Las Vegas.

The standout feature is a small OLED screen located on the case. It wirelessly pairs with your iPad, or other iOS device, to deliver text-based alerts, including incoming calls, email, text messages, calendar appointments, low battery alerts, and more.

A rechargeable battery that powers the display can last for seven to 10 days on a single charge.

Your iPad is also completely protected with a premium eco-friendly exterior. Users can also place their tablet into multiple positions, including a nice typing angle or media viewing setup.

The Prompt Folio retails for $89.99 and is listed as coming soon on Incipio’s site. I’m interested to see the case in action. If you’re not wanting to go all-in on notifications with a wearable device like the Pebble or Apple Watch, the Prompt Folio looks to be a great option.


The Prompt Flight is a functional wearable for users who don’t need to tell the time or track their activity.

And at the show, the company also introduced a pair of low-cost wearable devices. The Prompt Flight is worn like a watch. But instead of telling time, it connects to an iOS device via Bluetooth and allows you to control music and sound volume. The device’s battery can last for seven to 10 days before needing to be recharged.

With the companion app, users can also customize the lens of the band to show different colors for different notifications.

When available, it will retail for $59.99. Buyers can select from a black, gray, pink, or yellow version.


Users can customize different vibrating alerts on the Prompt Sense.

The Prompt Sense takes the shape of a wristband and can offer customized vibrations. It will cost $49.99 when it hits the market.

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