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IBM unveils 3 new 'MobileFirst for iOS' apps

IBM unveils 3 new 'MobileFirst for iOS' apps

Apple + Enterprise
March 2, 2015

After bringing its initial “MobileFirst for iOS” applications to the App Store back in December, enterprise supernova IBM has annoucned a second wave of apps designed for Cupertino’s range of iOS devices.

Made exclusively for the iPhone and iPad, the new applications are called Advisor Alerts, Passenger Care, and Dynamic Buy. Each one is introduced and outlined at Apple’s dedicated MobileFirst Web page. Here, Cupertino explains that Advisor Alerts is designed to allow wealth advisors to “serve their clients more quickly and efficiently than ever before.” You can configure push notifications for a range of elements, and “prioritized alerts” allow users to further configure how notifications reach their handset.

Advisor Alerts for iOS.

Advisor Alerts for iOS.

Passenger Care, on the other hand, allows airline customer service agents to check in passengers while they’re still in line. “To reduce wait times, the app points agents to hot spots where the lines are longest,” Apple and IBM explain. The app also lets agents send information to passengers in the event of a flight cancellation or service disruption, and this can include details concerning alternative flights, hotel accomodation, or vouchers. Usefully, real time information on seating also allows agents to discount seat upgrades “as soon as they become available.”

Finally, Dynamic Buy for iPad allows retail merchants to see “real time inventory and sales data” and to respond to any possible trends efficiently. “It’s the ideal way to manage inventory, boost margins, and keep customers satisfied,” according to Apple.

For more information on Apple and IBM’s MobileFirst iOS applications, click this link.

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