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Is the Apple Watch the next iPhone or Apple Pippen?

Is the Apple Watch the next iPhone or Apple Pippen?

That iThingy You're Wearing
March 5, 2015

In recent years, there really hasn’t been an unsuccessful Apple product, though the multicolored iPhone 5c and iPad mini 3 come close. It wasn’t always this way. Apple’s history is littered with hapless products that were too expensive, ahead of their time, or just plain dreadful.

On Monday, we’ll finally know when the Apple Watch is arriving in stores. Within a year, we’ll have a good idea whether the wearable device is the next iPhone — or Macintosh TV.

As we get closer to Apple’s “Spring Forward” event on March 9, the folks over at 7DayShop have released an infographic featuring 21 products Cupertino would rather we forget. Among the disastrous products are the Apple Lisa, Ping, Apple III, and eWorld.

Here are some of the highlights:




The full infographic can be viewed at this link.

Apple’s Spring Forward event begins at 10 a.m. PDT from the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California. Apple will live stream the event. For full analysis, be sure to visit AppAdvice throughout the day, or our sister site, WatchAware.

For more on the event, see: What to expect at Apple’s ‘Spring Forward’ event on March 9, and Apple Watch receives award before it even launches.

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