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Tim Cook is launching Apple Watch French-style

Tim Cook is launching Apple Watch French-style

The People Behind Apple
April 9, 2015

Tim Cook has been spotted in Paris, France, according to a report from French Apple news site Mac4Ever. His visit to the French capital is likely for the Apple Watch launch on April 10, since a number of upscale department stores in Europe are home to popup stores specifically for the wearable.

The Apple Watch has a section of Galeries Lafayette that spans four balconies, and is scheduled for a grand opening at 9 a.m. on April 10. Selfridges department store in London has a similar section opening the same day, and the two cities are close enough together that it seems likely for Cook to make an appearance in both stores.

Beginning April 10, the Apple Watch will appear for previews at both Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Selfridges in London, along with a similar store-within-a-store at Isetan in Tokyo. At the boutique pop-ups, customers will be given the opportunity to try on the Apple Watch, check out its features, and reserve their own combination of band and smartwatch.

The move to place the Apple Watch inside these upmarket retailers makes perfect sense. Customers at these stores often shop for accessories to coordinate with their new clothing picks, and Apple definitely wants to be included in that selection process. Cook’s presence at the grand openings also makes sense, since this is new territory for Apple.

As a reminder, Apple Watch preorders begin April 10, and the smartwatch begins deliveries on April 24. Yesterday, we covered a roundup of Apple Watch reviews that you should check out, along with some or all of these articles: Tim Cook says more than 1,000 Apple Watch apps have already been submitted, What the first apps are telling us about Apple Watch, and Will Apple Watch see explosive sales, or will it be more of a slow burn.

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